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Your advantages: Everything from a single source! ENGINEERING – PRODUCTION – SERVICE.


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KLAUS offers you the following advantages

Our success is based on the global consideration of all problems related to plastic technology in the interest of our customers. Our range of performance encompasses engineering, production and service; this enables us to offer full service in our capacity as system supplier. In this way we are able to provide our customers with encompassing support from advisory service to the completion of the product.
Our production focuses on the production technologies of thermoforming and injection moulding of thermoplastic plastic materials. We offer a platform not only to large production lots but also particularly to smaller and medium-sized series.
We are very happy that our products and services meet our objective i.e. the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction and that, additionally, these products and services are regularly awarded prizes in trade competitions.
For us, social responsibility towards our staff members, careful handling of all resources and active participation in design processes are important objectives. For many years, our customer-oriented working hours and the direct participation of the staff members in the success of the company have been the key to satisfied customers and a highly motivated staff. 
  • To transform complicated tasks into standards is one of our specialties; another one is to reduce the number of process steps and the required supplies with the help of state-of-the-art tool technology. In this respect, we consider ourselves one of the leading suppliers in Europe.
  • High vertical range of manufacture.
  • Combinations of various materials and production technologies.
  • Everything from a single source.
  • We assume pool responsibility i.e. there is one contact person to deal with all matters.  
We are looking forwards to a side by side
cooperation with you.

Yours very truly 
Walter Klaus