Award-winning range of performance.


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Award-winning range of performance

Klaus Kunststofftechnik GmbH has been awarded the K Prize several times. Every year, this prize is awarded for excellent performance at the occasion of the trade fair K. Klaus Kunstofftechnik GmbH has earned this "Oscar" of the plastic industry with various products and services:
  • K Award 1998: Industrial vacuum system
    Implementation of plastic components for a industrial vacuum system 2 awards
  • K Award 2001: High-end packaging
    Luggage system for motorcycles
  • K Award 2004: Vacuum operated toilet
    Implementation of a vacuum operated toilet for the use in caravans and boats
  • K Award 2007: Refrigerator chassis
    Substitution of a  sheet casing by a plastic chassis
We are trying for further success; our best reference, however, are the satisfied customers we have worldwide!

IF Award

The iF award is an international competition of degree in which compenies can achieve coveted distinctions in several categories.
At the iF material award 2011 our brand woodyplast came out on top as a worldwide novelty in a qualified and international field of competition. During the CeBit woodyplast as an outstanding material innovation was decorated with gold by the iF-commission. The official explanatory statement said: "… an application, which is material- and resource-saving – and therefore  sustainable."

Only a few month later the new woodyplast pallet collars were decorated, too, in the course of the iF packaging award.