Advisory service

Advisory service and conception which take into account the plastic-specific qualities as early as in the design stage.


We are happy to answer your questions about plastics technology at KLAUS.
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Construction in line with requirements

The successful series production of plastic components is based on an advisory service and a conception which take into account the plastic-specific qualities.
We are convinced that it is important to keep in mind the aspects of plastic technology as early as in the designing stage.
Our 60 years of experience and competence help us to advise you on suitable production techniques and materials. In the course of this process, we do not rely on our in-house production technologies but rather concentrate strictly on the best possible package for a successful implementation of the product.
At the same time, we provide you with first approximate product costing and time schedules. Target costing and assuming the full responsibility for a project are part of our company portfolio. The required cost effectiveness plays a major part during the advisory stage. 
We are convinced that the foundation of an economically acceptable solution is laid as early as in the advisory stage.